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Advanced Wurst 201 Class

Click here for complete 2017 class schedule.


We have had many people take all three of our 101 classes during the last three years and they have commented that they want to learn more.  register-here-button.jpgWe have created the Advanced Wurst 201 Class. After you have taken either Summer Sausage Making 101 or Wurst Making 101 Classes, you are eligible for our Advanced Wurst 201 classes

These classes will be smaller (ONLY 15 people) and will focus on specific types of Wurst, such as Salsiccia, Best of Show Bratwurst, and Knackwurst. You will work in teams of three, consisting of five people per team. When you register you must choose one of the three types of sausages you wish to make. When a type of sausage has five people registered, it is full.

Each team will weigh out the meat and seasonings, grind, mix, stuff, smoke, cook, and enjoy the finished Wurst as part of their Wurst Haus meal.  All participants will have all three varieties on their plate to enjoy.

The class is by reservation only, will begin at 10 am and will last approximately 3-4 hours.

What are the classes like?  summer-sausage-making-101-class.jpg

  • Very hands on! Come ready to wear an apron, turn a crank on an antique stuffer or hold a sausage casing.
  • Designed for home sausage makers! From those of you who have never ground meat in your life to those who are sausage maker extraordinaire but want to learn more. Many of you only make sausage once or twice a year and if it did not turn out right, it's months before you get to try it again and then you can only change one thing at a time or you don't know what you changed that you liked. This class will cut your mistakes by years, using Wurstmeister Mike’s everyday sausage making experience.
  • Available for friends, couples, family get together, corporate groups, girlfriends getaway, honeymooners and guys trip!  Adult classes (8 and up to 17 years old need adult supervision)
  • Informative! Each class includes a discussion of ingredients and a time to taste in order to understand the value of using flavorful ingredients and using traditional methods.
  • A comfortable place to learn! You'll get one-on-one instruction and all of your questions answered.
  • Guaranteed to fill your belly! Not only will you be served a wurst meal, but also treated to a wurst, wine and beer tasting, a Wurst Haus goody bag, 2 free drink tickets and you take home 4 pounds of sausage that you create in the class.
  • Deals!  Participants receive 10% discount on in-store purchases that day.
  • Fun!  Guaranteed!

Cost - Cost is $109 per person. Call 573-486-2266 to reserve your spot or register online here.




Our Advanced Wurst Making Classes are finished for 2017.


Click here for complete 2017 class schedule.

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