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BIG News – Fulton Wurst Haus Coming Soon!


We are happy and proud to announce our purchase of Central Missouri Meat & Sausage Co. and the Barnyard Smokehouse in Fulton, MO! The transformation from Central Missouri Meat and Sausage Co. to Fulton Wurst Haus and Butchery will be a slow, but steady process. Patrons will be able to experience changes taking place weekly. An Open House – Grand Opening is planned for June 3 & 4, featuring meet the owners, staff, samples, store specials, and meat bundle specials!

Owners Mike and Lynette Sloan will be hands-on owners, just like they are at the Hermann Wurst Haus. Other changes include updated lighting, new signage on the buildings, and a spacious parking lot.

New, updated menus will gradually be introduced during the winter months in the restaurant. The restaurant will continue serving BBQ items such as pork burgers, pork steaks, pulled pork, ribs, and brisket smoked on the patio. BBQ Sweet German Bologna, thick cut with Sweet Pepper Slaw served on a locally made pretzel bun will be one of the new BBQ items. BBQ items will also be available as a warm grab-and-go item, or cold by the piece for family weekly meals.

German-themed food such as German Potato Salad served warm with added celery, onions and lots of Wurst Haus Grand Champion bacon will be an everyday deli item along with Sweet Peppered German Kraut, Red Cabbage, Reuben Sandwiches, German Bologna Reubens, and several bratwurst flavors. Bratwurst flavors will change weekly to showcase the 45 flavors that are made, such as the Best of Show Bratwurst, which is pork, seasonings, and spices, with just a hint of onion and garlic. This is a Gold medal winner from the largest sausage, ham, and bacon contest in the world, held every 3 years in Frankfurt, Germany. When you enter a competition in Germany, you get a Gold, Silver, or Bronze medal or you go home. There is one way and one way only to get a Gold medal in Germany. It has to be a perfect score. The Best of Show Bratwurst was a perfect score in Germany. It is served on a locally made pretzel bun with or without Sweet Peppered German Kraut, with or without our Haus-made German mustard which is available for sale in the retail store. The Grand Champion German Braunschweiger sandwich with Swiss cheese, German mustard, and onions served on grilled marble rye will also become an everyday lunch item.

The popular Seafood Buffet on Friday nights will continue and will be served during Lent. The All You Can Eat Breakfast Buffet on Saturday and Sunday, featuring French toast, scrambled eggs, biscuits and gravy, hash browns, sausage, bacon, and a drink will also continue.

The retail store will feature 12 flavors of bacon, 10 flavors of summer sausage, and 7 flavors of craft beer along with domestic beer, local wine, the Wurst Haus hand-crafted soda (6 flavors), and domestic soda plus the company’s line of private jams, jellies, sauces, gift boxes and more.

Fresh beef cuts such as T-bones, Porterhouse, Top Sirloin, Rib Eye, roasts, and stew meat along with fresh pork cuts such as baby back ribs, St. Louis style ribs, chops, steaks, and hard-to-find fresh sides will be hand cut and packaged in the store.

The processing plant is getting an upgrade of newer, advanced refrigeration equipment, new high-tech lights, and maintenance upgrades. The processing plant will operate under Missouri State Inspection officials which is the highest form of meat inspection in the state. This process is a 90-day time frame but because of the helpfulness of meat inspection officials, it has been moved up to a 45-day window. Eventually, after a year of Missouri State Inspection, the facility will apply for C.I.S. inspection (Cooperative Interstate Shipment). This is a new form of inspection passed by congress to allow state-inspected products to cross ANY state lines. Farmers and ranchers will be able to have livestock processed and then be able to resell their meats to Farmer’s Markets, retail stores, and or from the farm. This opens market availability for many folks.

Livestock will be purchased from local farmers to supply the demand for meat to both locations, Fulton and Hermann. Once the livestock is harvested the raw meat is transported to either location for further processing into sausage, summer sausage, jerky, snack sticks, ham, bacon, steaks, roasts, or bratwurst.

The Fulton Wurst Haus will offer three classes taught by Wurstmeister Mike Sloan: Summer Sausage Making on March 7, Wurst Making on March 28, and Makin’ Bacon on April 18, 6-8 pm. Class includes a wurst meal. Call the Fulton Wurst Haus for more information and to register, at 573-642-7844.

Owner Mike Sloan stated, “With the recent disruptions in our food supply chains from Covid-19, lack of employees, fuel supplies, and a thousand other things, everyone needs to learn to be more self-reliant to feed and take care of their families, friends, and neighbors. We also know that the shorter the food chain, the less breakage in that chain should occur. That is why our commitment to this investment is real, necessary, and important to the surrounding communities. The largest meat processors in the world will always have meat to sell to the largest meat retailers in the world. We are not on that list.

About Wurstmeister Mike Sloan

Mike, age 65, married to Wurst wife Lynette, is a 3-time Hall of Fame Wurstmeister, with five decades of meat and sausage experience. He has 40 years of experience working at Swiss Meat & Sausage Company in Swiss, MO. Twenty-five years as company President and Operations Manager, he is a current shareholder and part owner. Mike is a past Board member and President of the Missouri Association of Meat Processors, the largest meat trade organization in Missouri. Also, a past President, Treasurer, and board member of the American Association of Meat Processors based in Elizabethtown, PA, the largest meat trade organization in North America. He is a past part owner and President of Woods Smoked Meats in Bowling Green, MO, and current owner-founder of Hermann Wurst Haus in beautiful downtown Hermann, MO. Mike has won more than 500 national, state, and regional awards; including 14 Best of Show honors and 29 International awards from the German Butcher’s Assoc. in Frankfurt, Germany. Mike’s hobbies include Corvettes, 55, 56, 57 Chevys, antique sausage-making equipment, and Tae Kwon Do, with a 4th-degree black belt.