Easter Ham Sale in April

Posted by Patty Held on 28th Feb 2017

25% off our Hickory Smoked Fully Cooked Hams for Easter! Great price of $4.99/pound!We know a thing or two about hams. Wurstmeister Mike has been curing hams since he was in 4-H (a long time ago:)Hic … read more

Buy Local with our Spring Fling Swine is Fine Sale

Posted by Patty Held on 28th Feb 2017

Our customers want locally-sourced meat and are taking a stand against globalization. Quality meat of course is the hallmark of any artisan butcher, and at the Wurst Haus we recognize that our local f … read more

Wurstfest is Right Around the Corner!

Posted by Patty Held on 28th Feb 2017

The annual Wurstfest, March 25  & 26, is Hermann's national holiday for our "wursts"!The Hermann Wurst Haus has our own Wurstfest activities this weekend, March 25 & 26:Wurst Samples … read more

St. Patrick's Day Specials

Posted by Patty Held on 28th Feb 2017

Celebrate St. Patrick's Day at the Hermann Wurst Haus this year on March 17! Our own Irish butcher, Patrick O'Mallory, (yes, we aren't all German at the Wurst Haus), has created award winning cor … read more

Super Deals on Meat Bundles

Posted by Patty Held on 14th Feb 2017

Super Deals on in-store Meat Bundles - Allow 3 days for Bundles to be ready for you!Breakfast Bundle - Only $39.95:2 lb. Bacon2 lb. Sausage2 lb. Ham2 lb. Pork Steak2 lb. Jowl BaconThe Ponderosa - Only … read more

Missouri's Share the Harvest Program

Posted by Patty Held on 2nd Feb 2017

Thanks to all the hunters who donated ground venison to the area food pantries. Hermann Wurst Haus was happy to help contribute processing to this very successful, worthy program.Missouri's Share the … read more

Big Game Day Savings

Posted by Patty Held on 1st Feb 2017

Order your meats for the Big Game and get savings AND quality!There's just a few days left before the big game, so order today for our in-store specials!Big Game Day Specials to Dine In or Take Out: … read more

Say I Love You with a Bacon Love Bundle

Posted by Patty Held on 5th Jan 2017

This Valentine's Day give the best of the wurst! Roses are nice but so cliche'. We have gifts that guys and gals will love like a Wurst Haus gift basket or gift box filled with sausage, cheese, W … read more

We Have New Year's Eve Party Supplies

Posted by Patty Held on 26th Dec 2016

Are you planning a New Year's Eve party for family and friends? Don't worry, let us help make your party stress free with these party ideas:Bratwurst Bar:Serve an assortment of bratwursts whole or sli … read more

Choice Beef Rib Eye Steak Gift Box Special

Posted by Patty Held on 19th Dec 2016

In-store Choice Rib Eye Steak Gift Box:Choice, thick cut, locally raised, 12 ounce beef rib eyes (4 steaks), seasoned with kosher salt, dehydrated garlic and onion, black pepper, mustard seed, and our … read more

Last Minute Christmas Ideas

Posted by Patty Held on 12th Dec 2016

Left all your shopping until the last minute? No worries, the Wurst Haus Elves got you covered. Here are our most popular "Wurst" gift ideas:Wurst Gift Boxes - We have pre-made gifts to choose from or … read more

Give the Wurst Beer and Soda this Holiday Season

Posted by Patty Held on 10th Dec 2016

Our Wurst Beer and Soda are the perfect gift for the mailman, hairdreser, Uncle Jim and cousin Sue!Hermann Wurst Haus beers and sodas are hand crafted and locally produced from the finest ingredi … read more