Meat Bundle Specials

Posted by Patty Held on 4th Jun 2015

When you buy our beef and pork bundles you are buying a complete side of beef or pork split 8 ways. What does this mean for you? Well, for one thing you are buying beef or pork from local farmers, helping the local economy. Also when you buy parts every week from your favorite grocery store, that is exactly what you are doing, buying parts and not all parts are created equal. Buy from one beef or one pork and all parts are of equal quality, great tasting and naturally aged for tenderness.

1/8th Pork Bundle

Locally raised pork from area family farm (Kenny Brinker) that we cut, wrap and vacuum pack for your family. Each 1/8th pork bundle contains 1/8th of a whole hog. You get chops, steaks, ham, bacon and sausage. Instead of buying parts every week from the store (not all parts are equal) buy in bulk and save in quality and value while supporting our local farmers. Approximately 16 pounds for $69.00.

1/8th Beef Bundle

Locally raised beef from area family farm. Each 1/16th bundle includes T-bones, Sirloin, Porter House, Top Sirloin Steaks, Rib Eyes, Chuck/Arm Roasts, Round Steaks, Stew Meat, Short Ribs, Ground Beef, Neck Bones. Approximately 29 lbs. for $89.95.

Breakfast Bundle 

Includes our Grand Champion Hickory Smoked Center Ham slices, Grand Champion Bacon, Link Breakfast Sausage, and our Bulk Pork Sausage which is pork, seasonings, spices , with just a hint of country southern, sage and red pepper, great for country style pork sausage gravy. Approximately 14 pounds for $59.95.

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