New Daily Breakfast Menu

7th Jan 2018

Whether you are craving a hearty stick to your ribs breakfast or one with a Mexican twist, our new Chef Piaggio is serving up the best of the wurst for breakfast daily from 8-11 am.

New menu items; 

  • Breakfast Quesadilla - $8.99
    Eggs, Black Beans, CoJack cheese, Sausage, Ham and Salsa, Sour Cream on the side

  • Steak, Two Eggs & Fries - $8.99

  • Mexican Breakfast Chilaquiles - $8.99
  • Chips, salsa, cheese, jalapenos with sausage or steak

  • Breakfast Burrito- $7.99
    Eggs, sausage, black beans, and cheese

  • Two Eggs, Grand Champion Hickory Smoked Bacon & Hash Brown Breakfast - $6.99
    Made to order

  • Two Biscuits & Gravy with Sausage - $3.99

  • Plus our popular Wurst Breakfast Platter - $9.99
    Includes Wurst Haus Grand Champion Hickory Smoked Bacon, Award-winning Pork Sausage, Scrambled Eggs, Biscuits & Gravy, Hash Browns and Mini Muffin

  • Cinnamon Roll - $3.99

  • Grand Champion Bacon bloody Mary - $5.99


Wurstmeister Mike and Lynette