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Callaway Cares Bingo Night at Fulton Wurst Haus

Callaway Cares Bingo Night FWH

We are pleased to announce that Callaway Cares Bingo will now be held here every Wednesday. Ticket sales start at 4:30 pm, beginning June 26th.

Who loves BINGO?!

Callaway Cares hosts a weekly BINGO night for folks ages 16 and up! The games will be held at the Fulton Wurst Haus, 5009 Pendergras Rd, Fulton, MO.

Early Bird admissions are at 4:00 pm. Early Bird games start at 5:30 pm. Early Bird games are $1.00 per game and $4.00 per game pack.

The admission fee for regular games is $18.00 and includes your first game pack.

Fulton Wurst Haus will have $5 Appetizers during BINGO! Choose from: Fried Pickles, Battered Mushrooms, Jalapeño Poppers, and Onion Rings.

Located in Fulton, Callaway Cares is a community-based nonprofit organization dedicated to making a significant impact with minimal resources. Their mission revolves around providing support to the less fortunate through cost-effective solutions.

The organization has initiated a variety of programs aimed at supporting those in need within the community. These initiatives include homeless street outreach, community feeding programs, housing stability efforts, eviction prevention, and weekly bingo events on Tuesdays to generate funds for their cause.

Among Callaway Cares’ latest endeavors is the innovative recycling program, designed to tackle the pressing issue of homelessness in mid-Missouri. This program stands out by using recycled materials to construct tiny homes, offering an eco-friendly solution to a significant social challenge.