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Give the Wurst Beer and Soda this Holiday Season

Hermann Wurst Haus Beers for sale

Our Wurst Beer and Soda are the perfect gift for the mailman, hairdreser, Uncle Jim and cousin Sue!

Hermann Wurst Haus beers and sodas are hand crafted and locally produced from the finest ingredients.

Our four beer flavors:

Wurstmeister Wheat is a German-style Hefeweizen that’s great with a lemon slice.

Steamboat Smoked Ale has a black and smoked malt flavor that pairs perfectly with any smoked meat.

Butcher’s Block Lager is a crisp, light-bodied Vienna-style lager.

Golden Buck Ale is a German-style Hefeweizen known for its high alcohol content.

Our beers are packaged in an attractive Hermann Wurst Haus 6 pack box – $9.95. Hermann Wurst Haus Growlers are $39. Sorry, we can’t ship our beer due to shipping regulations.

Mix or match a six pack and give one of each flavor!

Our craft soda is hand-batched by a local company, using traditional recipes with high quality ingredients. We use cane sugar to produce a soda with a richer, more flavorful finish.

Our five soda flavors:

Root Beer, has a touch of vanilla, tastes like old fashioned homemade root beer

Cream Soda, creamy vanilla flavor with hints of caramel and molasses

Orange, delicious juicy flavors, triggers memories of childhood

Grape, packs a great grape flavor punch!

Black Cherry, reminiscent of fresh picked cherries

Wurst sodas are packaged in a colorful 6 pack box for $9.95. Individual bottles are $1.59.

All you have to do is add a bow and you can sit the box under the Christmas tree!