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We are Missouri Wine Country’s premier meat and sausage shop featuring more than 62 varieties of award-winning Bratwurst and German Sausage as well as Grand Champion House-Smoked Bacons, Gourmet Foods, Gifts and house made Wurst Haus beers and craft sodas.  Our delicious meat products are available at our Deli and Market in Hermann, MO and nation-wide through our Wurst Haus Online Store and Select Retail Stores.


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The Hermann Wurst Haus national grand champion smoked meat products such as bratwurst, bacon, summer sausage, snack sticks, jerky and sandwich specials will be available in Hermann 24/7. The German made meat vending machines were installed this week, with the assistance of the representative from the German company Regiomat, who finally was able to travel to the USA.

Meat vending machines are popular all over Europe, especially in Germany, which has over 4000 Regiomat machines located in farmers markets, store fronts, parks and recreation areas for campers and cyclists.

“We are excited to add these two meat vending machines in front of the store. This will allow visitors and locals to buy top quality meats, with no human contact 24/7. This is perfect for cyclists, visitors who arrive by Amtrak, or if you just have a late-night snack attack. The machines will be stocked with products that change weekly but the focus will be authentic German sausage. We will also have eggs, apple butter, mustard, BBQ sauce, cheese curds, turkey & Swiss sandwiches, ham & Swiss sandwiches, and a variety of bratwurst sandwiches. We will also stock a meal to go for four people such as our breakfast burritos with sauce. Our meats are all locally sourced and smoked right here on site.” said Mike Sloan, owner of Hermann Wurst Haus.

The refrigerated machines have many safety features, for example if the temperature gets too high, they will not dispense food. The machines have frost heaters so on cold winter days, customers can still purchase products. The machine will be stocked daily and accepts credit cards, cash and coins.


German Specialty Meats

Blood Sausage (Blutwurst), Braunschweiger, Liverwurst, Head Cheese (Schwartenmagen) and Pork Scrapple are all old-world German specialties made by the thrifty (not cheap) German pioneers. These pioneers used every part of the animal when butchering and created these wonderful traditional sausages many people still enjoy today. Weights vary per product but most range from 0.5 pound – 1 pound packages.
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