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Order Meat Bundles Now!

Beef Halves in a refrigerator

We are taking orders for half hog and beef split sides now for April and May. If you have already ordered a half hog bundle, we are working on it now.

When you buy our beef and pork bundles you are buying meat from one animal. Not like the grocery store, where you have no idea where the meat came from. Our meat comes from local farmers who are struggling now too. Help them out and buy local. Our beef comes from local farmers such as Bear Valley Farms, the Uthlaut Family, right across the river, and also from Berger, MO. The pork comes from Brinker Farms, Kenny Brinker in Auxvasse.

– 1/2 hog processed, cut, wrapped, vacuum packaged – 125 pound average (rail weight), $2.25/pound. Approximately $281.25 plus tax for 1/2 hog. Approximately 78 lbs. take home weight, Packaged for a family of two; includes pork chops, pork steaks, ribs, assorted bacon, bratwurst, breakfast fry sausage, jowl, Black Forest ham, and soup bones. (You pay on rail weight)

We are also taking orders for beef split sides (not selling front quarter, hind quarter like before). We are selling split sides, which consist of part front and part hind quarter. Beef will be processed, cut, wrapped, vacuum packaged. Weight will be approximately 175 pounds (rail weight), $3.50 per pound. Approximately 125 lbs. take home weight. If you want a half of beef you order 2 split sides. If you want a whole beef, you order 4 split sides. One split side approximately $612.50 plus tax.

Beef bundles are custom processed. Please check out our beef processing form before you place your order, so you have an idea of what cuts you want. Call and place your order with Master Butcher Mike, 573-486-2266 during business hours.

Call 573-486-2266 during business hours to place an order. Open Monday-Friday 9 am-2 pm, Saturday 8 am-4 pm, Sunday 8 am-2 pm.