Special October Meat Sale - Tailgater Blitz Package & Meat Bundle Specials

16th Oct 2013

Its football season and what does that bring to mind?  Tailgating.  We have the perfect grilling meats for your next tailgate party.

We are offering the following meat specials through November 3rd:

The Tailgater Blitz Package

6 pcs of seasoned Ground Chuck patties & 6 buns
8 pcs of Beer Brats with pretzel buns and sauerkraut
8 pcs of Jumbo Franks with pretzel buns
6 pcs of chicken Bratwurst patties with buns
This package has everything you need for your tailgate party except the condiments and chips.  All of the above for $36.00

Stock your freezer for the fall with our Meat Bundle Specials

10 lb. Pork Sausage Bundle in 1 lb. pkgs        $19.95
10 lb. Ground Chuck Bundle in 1 lb. pkgs        $29.95
10 lb. of Center Cut Pork Steak 2/pkg        $19.95
Seasoned Ground Chuck Patties            $3.99/lb

If you need gourmet mustards and condiments, we have those too.  Pick up a six pack or two of Wurst Haus beers or a bottle of local wine to enjoy with your friends.

Happy Tailgating!