Super Bowl Party Ideas and Wurst Specials

27th Jan 2014

The Super Bowl is Sunday, Feb. 2nd and we know what goes with football…party food! 

The Hermann Wurst Haus is the place for Wurst specials and recipe ideas for your Super Bowl party! 

We have 46 different flavors of brats and sausages, both fresh and hickory smoked brats.  Fresh brats require cooking like grilling, baking or boiling in beer and onions (our favorite method!).  Hickory smoked brats are fully cooked and require heating; warming in the oven, grilling or you can even microwave them.

A party wouldn’t be complete without bacon in some form or other.  We have ten savory bacon flavors to add to dips, wrap brats, add to salads, add to pizza or add to pasta dishes. 

More Wurst ideas for your Super Bowl party:

Wurst Bar - Set out platters with different bratwurst flavors, jars of gourmet mustards, relish, chopped onions, BBQ Sauce, salsa, Chili Con Queso (great served over Chili Cheese Brats or Chipolte Ranch Brats), Thousand Island Dressing (yummy served with Rueben Style Brats).  We could go on and on with the combinations but you get the idea. 

Pigs in a Blanket and Lil’ Smokies are always a hit but how about cranking up the flavor and use our Dipping Wursts in your recipe.  We have three mouth watering flavors to choose from, Chipolte Ranch, Chili Cheese and Buffalo Blue Cheese.  Serve them with your favorite sauce like Ranch or Nacho Cheese Dip.

You can’t have a Super Bowl Party without Touchdown Cheese Dip, made with our Grand Champion Hickory Smoked Bacon.  Get the recipe here

Serve the best of the Wurst at your best Super Bowl party.