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The National, Amtrak’s On-board Magazine to Feature Hermann Wurst Haus

The National, Amtrak’s onboard magazine, is featuring Hermann in the Next Stop section in the October/November issue and Hermann Wurst Haus is part of the story! 

The National is committed to offering original, inspirational and informative writing from respected local and international contributors. A series of recurring editorial themes will include:

  • Rail Life – Vignettes featuring people, places and experiences across the country
  • Made in America – Profiles of American companies
  • The National Conversation – Pop culture Q&A
  • Next Stop – In-depth feature on an effort to preserve or highlight an important piece of American culture or history
  • Photography Highlight – fine art photographer documenting unique elements of Amtrak train travel
  • Train of Thought – A personal essay related to train travel

“We are dedicated to enhancing our customers’ on-board experience, highlighting the unique elements that Amtrak offers and The National does just that – celebrating the country our customers see gliding past their train window and showcasing the personalities, culture and destinations along America’s Railroad,” said Rob Friedman, Amtrak’s vice president of Brand Management and Marketing.

The National, a free on-board magazine, is available in seatbacks throughout the Amtrak network and is also available digitally.

Way to go Hermann!