Weekly Meat and Deli Specials

10th Oct 2013

What great weather we are having in Mid-Missouri this week!  A fine time to drive out to Hermann for our weekly meat specials!  Bring a cooler so you can take home some savings.   

This week's specials:

10 lb. Pork Sausage Bundle 1# pkgs.                         $19.95

10 lb. Ground Chuck Bundle 1# pkgs.                         $29.95

10 lb. Pig-Bull Bundle 1# pkgs.                                  $24.95

         (1/2 ground pork, 1/2 ground chuck mixed together - great for meatloaf, tacos, or pizza)

10 lb. Center Pork Steaks 2/pkg.                                $19.95

10 lb. Rope Style Pork Sausage                                  $29.95

10 lb. Boneless Pork Chops                                        $34.95

10 lb. Bottom Round Roast                                         $37.95

10 lb. Stew Meat                                                        $39.95

10 lb. Beef for Canning                                               $39.95


We also offer daily deli specials for take out or dining in:

Fried Chicken, Rib Eye Sandwich. BBQ Pork Steaks, house made sides, salads and desserts 

We also carry sausage making supplies:

Spices and casings

We our proud to offer German Specialty Sausages:

Natural Casing Braunschweiger, Headcheese, Blood Sausage, Blood and Tongue Sausage and Natural Casing Bockwurst

More services we provide:

Deer Processing and Sausage

On or off farm slaughter

Custom butchering-processing of your beef, pork or lamb

Beef sides & quarters, whole or 1/2 hogs processed for your freezer

Custom curing and smoking

Catering in store or on location


Let us make your life easier and happier! 

The Wurst Haus Crew