We are Now a Smokin Brothers Grill Dealer

We are now selling Smokin Brothers Pellet Grills – Best Grills/Smokers on the market, and are made in Missouri.

You get your best smoke from wood logs but it’s not practical to have wood piles of hickory, cherry, apple, maple or pecan laying around so each pellet represents a miniature log.

A true BBQ has a nice smoke ring on the outer edge of the meat. That smoke ring is very, very desirable. Charcoal/gas grills cannot do the smoke ring, wood pellets do. Hickory is the choice for smoking but can become a little harsh. You can tone that down with added cherry or apple pellets which also gives the meat a great color. If you can control the heat, you can control the meat.

Purchase a Smokin Brothers Grill and receive a 20# bag of pellets and 5 packages of bratwurst!

Stop in for some “Q” and Wurst beer!

Call 573-486-2266 for details on Smokin Brothers Pellet Grills!

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