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Woods Smoked Meats Sold to HWC Meats

Wurst Haus Team

We have some big news!

Ed and Regina Woods, owners of Woods Smoked Meats, a meat processing plant with a retail store and deli located in Bowling Green, MO, announced today the sale of Woods Smoked Meats to HWC Meats, a partnership between Mike Sloan, owner Hermann Wurst Haus in Hermann, MO, Cory Hawkins, owner Central Missouri Meat & Sausage in Fulton, MO, and Steve Bolton, Woods Smoked Meats General Manager.

Ed Woods is retiring after 70 years in the meat processing business. Ed is legendary in the meat processing industry, having won over 645 state, national, and international awards for his smoked meat creations, at the State Meat Processors Convention, State Fairs, the American Cured Meat Championships and the prestigious IFFA German Butchers Association Show in Frankfurt. Germany. An icon in the industry, he was inducted into the American Cured Meats Hall of Fame in 1995. In 2017, Woods was inducted into the prestigious National Meat Industry Hall of Fame at a ceremony in Atlanta, Georgia. Woods Smoked Meats is one of the top 3-4 award winners in the United States.

Woods earned a degree in food science and nutrition with an emphasis on meats from the University of Missouri. After graduation, he worked at Wilson Certified Foods in Kansas City, before returning to Bowling Green and going into business with his father who was operating a grocery store and meat market since 1947. Today, Ed has built his business into a thriving, meat processing plant, retail store and deli, specializing in ham, bacon and sausage.

Ed is happy for the sale of Woods Smoked Meats to his industry friends and general manager, “I feel confident that with these three industry leaders at the helm, the Woods Smoked Meat brand will continue to thrive with the highest standard of quality”.

Mike Sloan, owner of Hermann Wurst Haus, brings 55 years’ experience in the industry to the partnership. Mike’s career began at his parent’s meat processing business. In 2011, he and his wife Lynette, opened Hermann Wurst Haus, Missouri wine country’s premier meat and sausage shop, and deli, specializing in smoked meats such as bratwurst, bacon and sausage. Over the course of Mike’s career, he has won more than 500 national, state and regional awards; including 14 best of show honors and 29 international awards at the German Butcher’s Assn. in Frankfurt, Germany.

Cory Hawkins, owner of Central Missouri Meat & Sausage, brings 35 years’ experience to the partnership. Central Missouri Meat & Sausage is a USDA inspected processing plant, supplying meat to wholesale distributors, grocery store chains, and restaurants along with their own restaurant and retail store.

Steve Bolton, general manager of Woods Smoked Meats, is the boots on the ground guy who has 25 years’ experience at Woods Smoked Meats.

“The Woods Smoked Meat, Hermann Wurst Haus, and Central Missouri Meat & Sausage brands complement each other exceptionally well and will deliver an improved value proposition to staff, employees, customers, and stakeholders throughout the industries. By having three processing businesses, two of which are federally inspected, one state inspected, we will be able to expand our customer base through central Missouri and beyond. Each business will promote the other brands; Hermann Wurst Haus, Central Missouri Meat and Woods Smoked Meats brand, Sweet Betsy of Pike. We assure Woods Smoked Meats customers, that their recipes will not be changed. Each facility will continue with their custom processing, custom butchering, private labeling, shipping, deer processing, retail sales, deli & restaurant sales, and classes,” said Mike Sloan, President of HWC corporation.

The companies said the purchase will strengthen all three brands, drive product innovation, allow for larger investments, grow talent, and expand customization options for their customers.

Wurst Haus Team
In the photo: From left to right, Mike Sloan, Hermann Wurst Haus, Ed and Regina Wood, Woods Smoked Meat, Steve Bolton, Woods Smoked Meats General Manager, Randy Trenhaile, United State Bank and Cory Hawkins, Central Missouri Meat & Sausage. Trenhaile is senior vice president of United State Bank and was the one who arranged the financing for the purchase of Woods Smoked Meats.