Wurst Champion Bundle

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Wurst Champion Bundle

This Wurst Champion Bundle contains some of our most recent champions, as judged at the Missouri State Cured Meat Championship, one of the largest competitions in the U.S.A. This Wurst Champion Bundle includes:

  • Hickory smoked, delicately cured Beef Ring Bologna, great for cheese, snacking, and crackers
  • Sweet German Bologna, which is a very consistent award winner
  • German Bologna, which has won this award many times and 3 time National Grand Champion (3 peat)
  • Summer Sausage is shelf stable with no refrigeration required and is one of Wurstmeister Mikes all decade favorites
  • Rhine Valley Smoked Pork Sausage is lean, flavorful, smoked, and stuffed by our Wurst staff. Great with cabbage, kraut, potato soup, or just serve it on a bun.

You get all 5 products for the low, low, price of $24.95 plus shipping and handling.

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