BIG News – Fulton Wurst Haus Coming Soon!

Fulton Wurst Haus

  We are happy and proud to announce our purchase of Central Missouri Meat & Sausage Co. and the Barnyard Smokehouse in Fulton, MO! The transformation from Central Missouri Meat and Sausage Co. to Fulton Wurst Haus and Butchery will be a slow, but steady process. Patrons will be able to experience changes taking place weekly. An […]

Is It Done Yet?

Mango Habanero Bratwurst

The Artistic Method or The Scientific Method The only remotely tricky part about barbecuing and grilling is knowing when the meat is done. Aficionados use the “poke” method, which is surprisingly accurate when used by a seasoned griller, but for bigger cuts of meat, nothing beats the “scientific” method for assessing doneness. The Artistic Method […]