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Less Than 10 Pigs Left – Order Soon!

Pork Chop

We were not exaggerating when we mentioned that our Half Pig and Whole Pig special would be in high demand. And true to our prediction, the response has been overwhelming! At present, we have already sold 30 out of the 40 pigs that were made available for purchase. It won’t be long before the remaining […]

Beef and Pork Processing Dates Available

Custom Processing

Fulton Wurst Haus & Butchery has processing dates available for your harvest and custom processing needs for beef and pork. We offer custom processing services for individuals, farmers and ranchers in the surrounding areas who bring their livestock to us. We have the necessary resources to accommodate whole, halves, or quarters of beef as well as […]

Fulton Wurst Haus Restaurant Menu

Fulton Wurst Haus

If you’re looking for where to eat in Fulton, the Fulton Wurst Haus is the perfect spot! We offer an array of daily buffets, BBQ items, sandwiches, steaks, and German specials, all featuring our award-winning meats. Enjoy freshly prepared food for lunch, dinner, and even weekend breakfast buffets. The buffet menu features homestyle cooking, tacos […]

Easter Special – Black Forest Ham and Bockwurst

Easter Special - Black Forest Ham and Bockwurst

Our Easter Special includes a Hickory-Smoked Boneless Black Forest Ham and one package of Bockwurst! Available online and in-store February 28-April 8! This classic hickory-smoked, boneless ham is tender and juicy with our traditional hickory-smoke flavor. Fully cooked, cured with natural juices and perfect for Easter dinner. No cooking is required, just heat and serve […]

BIG News – Fulton Wurst Haus Coming Soon!

  We are happy and proud to announce our purchase of Central Missouri Meat & Sausage Co. and the Barnyard Smokehouse in Fulton, MO! The transformation from Central Missouri Meat and Sausage Co. to Fulton Wurst Haus and Butchery will be a slow, but steady process. Patrons will be able to experience changes taking place weekly. An […]

Is It Done Yet?

The Artistic Method or The Scientific Method The only remotely tricky part about barbecuing and grilling is knowing when the meat is done. Aficionados use the “poke” method, which is surprisingly accurate when used by a seasoned griller, but for bigger cuts of meat, nothing beats the “scientific” method for assessing doneness. The Artistic Method […]