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Deer Processing


Deer Processing

The Wurst Haus specializes in custom deer processing, turning your deer meat into hand-crafted venison sausages, bratwurst, bacon, jerky – whatever your preference. Wurstmeister Mike has won more than 500 national, state and regional awards; including 14 best of show honors and 29 International awards from the German Butcher’s Association in Frankfurt, Germany.

The Hermann Wurst Haus works as fast and safely as possible to produce your sausage. Due to the large volume of sausage we produce, the average processing time is 2-4 months. You will be contacted as soon as your order is ready and we ask that you pick it up within 4 days of notification.

All sausage prices include fresh, never frozen 80% lean pork (with the exception of jerky which has no added pork), grand champion seasonings and vacuum packing. Prices are subject to change and are based on clean, boneless venison meat. Hermann Wurst Haus also welcomes clean, boneless trim for processing at 10 cents extra, per pound; this is to allow for additional handling and weigh-in. For your safety use only clear, food-grade plastic bags for transporting your boneless meat, black trash bags are not accepted. Hermann Wurst Haus inspects all incoming meat twice; this ensures you receive a flavorful, quality product. When you bring your meat in for deer processing, please be prepared to make a deposit.

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*** Note – We are not a Share the Harvest Participant***