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Do You Have All the Sausage Making Equipment and Supplies You Need?


Are you are going to go it alone this year and make your own sausage? No worries, but make sure you have the proper equipment and supplies to make the best sausage you can. We have sausage making equipment such as grinders, meat mixers and sausage to make your life easier.

Meat Grinder

Our commercial grade 3/4 HP, 500 watt, air cooled grinder will grind up to 9 pounds per minute. It includes a auger stomper, two stainless steel plates, grinder knife and sausage stuffing kit. Have fun on a Sunday afternoon making sausage for the big game or turn it into a family fun event with the kids after the purchase of this quality made grinder and include signing up for our Wurst Making 101 classes.

Meat Grinder $449.99 plus tax and shipping

Meat Mixer

Do you have a foodie, hunter, husband, or a in- law who likes to make sausage, mix dough, or just likes to make a food fight looking mess? We have the answer for you then, a 20 pound capacity, stainless steel meat mixer! Yea, now what! Well, has your sausage ever been dry or crumbly? If you answered yes, you should not be making sausage then BUT what if you enjoy making sausage? Then do it right, buy a meat mixer, it will retain or lock in the moisture so it’s not dry and create protein extraction so it is not crumbly. Crumbly sausage is not desirable unless you’re making pizza toppings! Protein extraction is the glue that holds the meat together, you learn this and a lot more by taking one of our Wurst classes, so buy a mixer now and sign up for one of our Wurst Making 101 classes.

Meat Mixer $114.99 plus tax and shipping

Sausage Stuffer

Our stainless steel frame, tubes and cylinder, 11 pound sausage stuffer is ideal for making sausage at home. It has 2 speed stuffing, 4 sizes of stuffing horns, aluminum gear box with steel gears. Great for snack sticks, summer sausage, pork sausage, bratwurst, and bologna. Sign up for one of our Wurst Making 101 classes and learn a lot of Wurst tips!

Sausage Stuffer $209.99 plus tax and shipping

We have a selection of seasonings, spices, hi-temp cheese, dried jalapenos, casings and all the supplies you need to make your own sausage.