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Original Snack Sticks Missouri State Fair Grand Champion Winner!

Bacon Cheddar Snack Sticks

Woo hoo! Our Original Snack Sticks won Grand Champion at the 2016 Missouri State Fair! Voted the best Snack Sticks in the state of Missouri!

Our Hickory-Smoked Bacon won 8th place out of 137 bacon entries! We made the top ten in the state!

Original Snack Sticks – Are made from lean beef and pork, seasoned with fresh herbs and spices and then hickory-smoked for a slightly smoky flavor. Great for snacking around the house, your favorite sporting event or on your next hunting trip!

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Grand Champion Hickory Smoked Bacon – Our award winning hickory smoked bacon is sugar cured, hickory smoked over hickory logs from Wurstmeister Mike’s Hickory Tree Farm.

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About the Missouri State Fair

Since the first Fair in 1901, thousands of Missouri families have made the annual “pilgrimage” to Sedalia. From 1901 to today, the Missouri State Fair has been a barometer of the state’s economic health and a documentary of the history of Missouri agriculture. The Missouri State Fair plays an essential role in keeping agriculture one of Missouri’s top industries. As long as agriculture remains a major industry in the state, the Fair will continue to be the premier showcase for it. The Missouri State Fair is the number one site for major competitions highlighting the best of the best in the great Show-Me State of Missouri.