Snack Sticks

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Snack Sticks are an on the go food item, good anytime or anywhere, great for the kids or adults for in between meals at the game, at school or at away from home events.  They are convenient, portable and a source of lean protein.  Snack sticks are a high protein snack, great for when you get the craving for a savory satisfying snack.  

Wurstmeister Mike carefully smokes and adds just the right amount of spices to create our award winning flavors that keep our customers coming back. Made from Beef and Pork, our tender snack sticks are gluten free, MSG free and shelf stable, no refrigeration required.  Available in 2 oz. packages. 

Our Snack Sticks are temporarily unavailable but new flavors are coming in January!

+ More About Our Snack Sticks

What’s the difference between snack sticks and jerky?  

Snack sticks are made with ground meat, spices and seasonings and formed into a round stick that allows for easier soft chew.  Jerky is made with whole muscle meat, spices and seasonings.  Both are hickory smoked to add that smoky deliciousness.  See our Jerky flavors here

Choose the snack that kids, athletes, health professionals and hunters reach for to satisfy their protein snack cravings.  


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