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Top Five Ways to Celebrate International Bacon Day

Bacon Cooking Class

International Bacon Day is almost here! It is September 3rd and we are so excited! Most folks get excited about Thanksgiving and Christmas but around here, we can’t wait for food holidays:)

If you are truly a bacon lover, show this food the respect it deserves and make it King for the day! Don’t just indulge with bacon and eggs for breakfast, go all out and make bacon proud!

Here are 5 glorious ways you can celebrate International Bacon Day:

1. Fry up a whole package and eat it all by yourself with every meal!

2. Make a pitcher of Bacon Bloody Mary’s and really enjoy your day! Get Recipe

3. Make a Bacon dessert like Bacon Crumble Apple Pie or Bacon Peanut Butter Cookies

4. Cook a new Bacon Recipe from our Bacon Recipe section. Bacon Recipes

5. Attend Wurstmeister Mike’s Makin’ Bacon with Your Honey Class Sept. 9 at 7 pm! Register Here

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Each vacuum-packed package is approximately 1 pound, with 14-17 slices/1 lb., medium sliced.

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