Bacon Flavors

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Grand Champion Hickory Smoked Bacon - Our award winning hickory smoked bacon is sugar cured, hickory smoked over hickory logs from Wurstmeister Mike's Hickory Tree Farm.

Hickory Smoked Pepper Bacon - Same recipe as our Grand Champion Hickory Smoked Bacon and hand rubbed with black pepper prior to smoking for an awesome flavor.  
Applewood-Smoked Bacon - Sweeter variety of bacon, sugar cured with an added apple pie spice flavoring, and as you know, pork and apples naturally compliment each other.  
Pecan Smoked Bacon - Pecan smoked for a mild, slightly nutty flavor and an added sweet flavor.  
Bourbon Barrel Smoked Bacon - This bacon beauty is sugar cured with our Grand Champion sugar cure, then marinated with our Bourbon flavored marinade and then Bourbon barrel smoked, low and slow with bourbon barrel wood. Outstanding flavor and even better aroma. Available for a limited time.   
Bourbon Pepper Bacon - Sugar cured, hickory smoked with added Bourbon Pepper flavor.  The inspiration for this wonderful flavored bacon was just the other day when Wurstmeister Mike spilled his morning bourbon onto his Peppered Bacon and his first thought was "Oh no, I spilled bourbon, but wait, I sampled it and thought divine intervention, where have you been all my life!"  Try this for divine intervention.  
Hickory-Smoked Mexican-Style Bacon - Sugar cured, hickory smoked, with added Mexican flavor seasonings hand rubbed on each slab before smoking for a long, 6 hour smoke.  
Hickory Smoked Jowl Bacon - Smoked flavorful Jowl bacon, use as you would pancetta; fried and chopped and toss on salads, fry for BLT's.  
Sun-Dried Tomato & Basil Bacon - Our Grand Champion Bacon, sugar cured, hickory smoked and hand rubbed with added sun-dried tomatoes and basil for cooking with noodles, pasta, BLT's and more.  
Dry-Cured, Country Cured Slab Bacon - Traditional Dry Cured bacon is rubbed with a dry salt mix before smoking.  Time allows the cure to penetrate the meat, giving it an old world taste just as the early settlers would have made it.  Very aromatic and flavorful because of the dryness of the bacon which results in more meat flavor and less water flavor.  Slab is left whole so you can slice as thick as you want and as much as you want.  
Canadian-Style Bacon - Boneless loin of pork, sugar cured, hickory smoked and sliced for your convenience in 12 ounce packages.  Great for snacks, breakfast, lunch or dinner.  Serve cold or heat and eat.  
Hickory Smoked Jalapeno Jowl Bacon - Smoked flavorful Jowl bacon topped with jalapeno flakes, sliced and vacuum-packed.  Hot and sinfully wonderful!  
Bacon Steak - Sugar cured hickory smoked bacon steak.  Bacon that looks like a steak, thick 1 inch slices that are great for grilling with your favorite sides and a cold one.  If you are a bacon and steak lover this is the one for you.  
Jalapeno Bacon - Hickory Smoked Bacon rubbed with dried jalapenos for a spicy kick to your bacon.