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Smoked Meats

Smoked Meat - Smoked Ham

The Hermann Wurst Haus knows smoked meats.  From our Hickory Boneless Smoked Ham to our Hickory Smoked Turkey and Chickens. We use premium meats and real hardwood smoke to make our hickory smoked meats. We smoke low and slow to get that true hickory smoke flavor all throughout the meat. Our smoking and curing process is unique because we do not add any extra water to the process. What that means is that while we do have to add some water to make it work, we only add 20% water because that is what we lose during the cooking/smoking process. In other words, the product returns to its original starting weight. Most companies will add much, much more water to their product, this cheapens the product to a lower quality. Some smoked meat companies think they are in the water business and not the meat business. Just one of the reasons why we have won so many smoked meat awards.

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