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meat questions and answers

Meat FAQs and More

Below you will find our answers to Meat FAQs (frequently asked questions) and other topics. If you have a question that isn’t answered here please Contact Us and we will do our best to respond as quickly as possible!

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You can call us at 573-486-2266 during our regular hours or you can visit our Web store to place your order. To ensure that your order is received in good condition, we ship our perishable products to you frozen, in a cooler lined with thermal lining and ice packs. We ship via UPS and will ship UPS ground or 2nd day air so that the package will arrive at your destination within 2 days of shipping.

Your order is important to us and we try our best to fill them exactly as ordered, however if we are unable to fulfill your order as specified, we reserve the right to substitute another item of equal or greater value.

We encourage you to open and inspect your shipment as soon as it arrives. If you have any problems please call us as soon as possible at 573-486-2266.

We use a natural C-Bind (carrot fiber binder) in our award-winning bratwurst . C-Bind is an alternative to soy protein and dry milk powder, C-Bind is a naturally occuring binder created from concentrated carrot fiber. It increases water retention and delivers a juicier bratwurst, even if the meat is heat treated to higher than average temperatures. It does not effect the final taste of the bratwurst and is not an allergen.

There are a lot of ways to prepare our bratwurst – grilling, baking, boiling, etc… If your received fresh bratwurst the label will say to make sure you cook to a safe temperature of 165°F. You can do that by grilling, baking or boiling them in beer and onions. On the other hand if you have received any of the hickory smoked, fully cooked bratwurst those flavors just require reheating. The label will clearly state if it is a hickory-smoked product. To reheat they just need to be warmed and you can do that anyway you like, grilling, baking, boiling, etc… heck you can even microwave them. You will know when they are done by touch. If you feel them and they are warm, you can eat them. It really is that simple! You can also get creative with your bratwurst by slicing them up for a pizza topping, mix into your favorite quiche recipe or even add it to your soups, the possibilities are endless.

Our bratwurst flavors have no added gluten. There may, however, be gluten hidden in some added spices or added cheese. Our spice/cheese supplier may use gluten in some of their other products. The gluten would be at undetectable levels, less than 1 part per million. Any of the Bratwurst’s except for the Caramelized Pear & Gorgonzola Cheese would be gluten free. Try any of the slice and eat Summer Sausages, any of the Bologna’s, snack sticks, jerky’s, or bacons. Blood Sausage is NOT gluten free.

Yes, all of our snack stick flavors are gluten free.

Wurstmeister Mike gets asked this question all the time. Do you use Nitrites? Yes, we do but let us explain what nitrates and nitrites are. The information below is according to a pamphlet from the American Association of Meat Processors; The Facts: Nitrates & Nitrites*: What is Nitrate? Sodium nitrate is a naturally occurring substance in vegetables, water, soil and even air. It is also found in some salt in its natural state and has been used for thousands of years to cure meats. What is Nitrite? When nitrate is used to cure meats, it converts to nitrite and the nitrite then reacts with elements in the meat to preserve the meat. What do Nitrites do to meat? Nitrite gives cured meats its unique flavor and appearance and without it we could not have bacon, hot dogs, most sausages, hams and other meat products as we know them. The most important function of nitrite, in cured meat products, is that it preserves the meat by preventing the growth of certain bacteria. Are Nitrites safe to eat? According to the National Academy of Sciences, the American Cancer Society and the National Research Council, there’s no proof of cancer risk from consuming sodium nitrite and therefore considered safe to eat. It may surprise you to learn that nitrites are produced in your own body in greater amounts than can be obtained from food and 70-90% of your exposure comes from your own saliva. When we talk about food, vegetables are the primary source of nitrites. Over 90% of the nitrite we get from food come from vegetables.  One serving of arugula, 2 servings of butter lettuce and 4 servings of celery or beets all have more nitrite than 467 hot dogs.  This is because USDA limits the amount of nitrite in hot dogs and bacon to 120 parts per million, and during the curing process the nitrite turns to nitric oxide and leaves only 10 parts per million in the finished product. Here is a list of some common vegetables and their nitrite content: Cabbage……200 to 353 parts per million Lettuce………600 to 1700 parts per million Spinach……..500-1900 parts per million Beets…………1200 to 1300 parts per million Carrots………100 to 900 parts per million Radishes……1500 to 1800 parts per million *American Association of Meat Processors – The information contained here was gathered from multiple outside resources and has been compiled to provide factual science on the above topics for the consumer.  The knowledge provided is a summary and does not contain all possible information about the subject.

The majority of our products are from locally raised beef, pork, chicken and turkey. This encompasses a 300 mile radius. Wurstmeister Mike has formed many friendships with local farmers during his 46 years of meat industry experience.To ensure that your order is received in good condition, we ship our perishable products to you frozen, in a cooler lined with thermal lining and ice packs. We ship via UPS and will ship UPS ground or 2nd day air so that the package will arrive at your destination within 2 days of shipping.


Our five flavors of caffeine free Wurst sodas contain no high fructose corn syrup. We use only the high octane stuff, real cane sugar, for a flavor like when you were a kid eating a frozen popsicle!

Our Blood Sausage is fully cooked, ready to eat, just slice and eat cold, or we recommend reheating for breakfast. Just slice and warm it in a cast iron skillet with your eggs.

Unwrap bacon steaks and season the bacon with some brown sugar. Put bacon on hot grill to caramelize on direct heat. After approximately 15 minutes move to indirect heat and let it continue to get as crispy as you want it. After moving bacon steak from indirect heat, put your baked potato and ear of corn on the direct heat and grill till done. ENJOY!!

You can keep unopened bratwurst packages in the refrigerator for 8 weeks and in the freezer for 6 months.

Currywurst, the #1 street vendor food in all of Germany. The sauce packaged with Currywurst is a tomato based sauce.  The curry powder is added to the sauce by Wurstmeister Mike.  There is no curry in the sausage, just like in the homeland (Germany).  When eating, capture the sauce and put it on the sausage, reheat only, eat & enjoy!

 Unopened Wurst Haus Brat Mustard has a shelf life of one year.

Yes, our Hickory Smoked Black Forest Ham is gluten-free.