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Cooking Tips

cooking tips

How to Cook Bacon, Bratwurst and More

We get many requests for instructions on how to cook bacon, bratwurst, smoked meats and meat in general. Wurstmeister Mike has compiled a handy cguide of cooking tips for our products and some general cooking information.

Bacon in a plate on a wooden chopping board

How To Cook Bacon

Best Way to Cook Bacon! There are many ways to cook bacon but Wurstmeister Mike’s thinks the best way to cook bacon is to bake

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Roasted Turkey On A Table

How To Grill Chicken

How to Grill Chicken Many of our customers ask how to grill chicken without undercooking or ending up with it too dry. Wurstmeister Mike considers

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Fresh Meat Handling Tip

Safe Handling for Raw Meats Meat Safety is critically important at the Hermann Wurst Haus.  We follow all guidelines for safe handling for raw meats

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Raw Hamburger

Labeling of Beef

Labeling of Ground Beef The labeling of Ground Beef will help you understand what you are buying. It is often labeled using the cut of

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