How To Cook Bratwurst

Pan fry or oven cook at 300°F for 10 minutes. The internal temperature should be 155°F and they are done! Enjoy!

How to Cook a Fresh Bratwurst

Grilling a bratwurst does not mean you have to boil it in beer, water or other liquid.  In fact I prefer you not boil ours at all, because what happens is you boil out some of our wonderful flavored seasonings and spices, then you take this wonderful flavored beer/water and pour it down the drain.  You usually boil the brats first to make the casings tender but our casings are already tender because of our quality and the process.  A brat should be grilled off to the side so it gets softer heat.  The  casing is very tender and cannot take much heat or it will split.  Once it splits, you lose natural juices.  Natural juices are natural juices.  You can’t put them back in.  Grill at lower temps (250°F) until internal temp is 150°F (use a meat thermometer).

How to Cook a Hickory Smoked Bratwurst

A fully cooked Hickory Smoked Bratwurst is a great way to create a fun, fast, tasty meal in just 6 minutes; excellent for sporting events, tailgating, family events, lunch, dinner or a large group.  Reheating means warm to the touch; you can accomplish this by microwaving for 55 seconds, heating in the oven for 4 minutes or grilling for 6 minutes. You will know the brat is done when it’s warm to the touch. Cooking a bratwurst requires thorough cooking at higher temperatures; cook to an internal temperature of 152°F which means 290°F while cooking the brat. After the brat is cooked, maintain a temp not higher than 190°F to keep warm.  Try to keep the heat gentle so the casing does not split, if it splits, you lose the natural juices, which can’t be replaced.  



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