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Bratwurst Flavors

Explore 45 Flavors of Fresh and Smoked Sausage!

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Fully Cooked Bratwurst and Sausage

Hickory-Smoked Bratwurst – Reheating Required

Andouille Sausage

A sausage with a Cajun kick!! Our fresh Andouille sausage is made with lean pork, added seasoning and spices, including garlic, onions and lots of red pepper. The perfect sausage to use in Gumbo or on a bun with peppers and onions. Cooking required.

Apple-Maple Sausage

A sweeter variety of sausage; great for breakfast, especially with pancakes or French toast. For a lunch or dinner  treat, try it on a Brioche bun with sauerkraut, cheddar cheese and apple butter. Made with pork seasoning spices,  added maple syrup, and dried apples. Reheating required.

Asiago & Chive Bratwurst

A gourmet bratwurst made with fresh pork, seasoning, spices, chives, Asiago cheese, and then hickory smoked.  Excellent served on a Brioche bun, accompanied by a glass of award-winning white wine. Reheating required. 

Bacon Cheeseburger Bratwurst

Who doesn’t love a good burger and brat? Now, you can have both in one! Our bacon cheeseburger brat is smoked to perfection and stuffed with our Grand Champion Hickory Smoked bacon and cheddar cheese. The ultimate summer-time bratwurst paired with your favorite cold beverage!

Bacon Potato Cheddar Bratwurst

A brat with cheddar cheese, hash browns and our Grand-Champion bacon. A meal all by itself, with four of our  favorite things all in one brat. A breakfast casserole in a brat! Hickory smoked – Reheating required.

Beer & Bacon Bratwurst

Our two favorite words, Beer and Bacon, combined together in a harmonious blend of deliciousness. Our Beer and  Bacon brat is made with our Grand Champion Hickory Smoked Bacon and our Germanic Style, One-of-a-Kind Wurst  Haus beer. 

Beer & Cheddar Bratwurst

A hickory-smoked bratwurst made with pork, seasoning, spices, in-house brewed, German-Style beer, milk and  cheddar cheese. Wurstmeister Mike’s 3 favorite things are bratwurst, beer and cheese — definitely one of his  favorites; the perfect meal. Reheating required. 

Best of Show Bratwurst

The name says it all, winner of countless Best of Show awards and one of our most popular brats. Made with pork seasoning spices, garlic and onion, then hickory-smoked. Perfect to grill up any time of the year. Reheating required.

Bloody Mary Bratwurst

This fully cooked, hickory smoked brat has added celery, tomato and horseradish for a little heat. Looks like a brat  but tastes like a Bloody Mary. Try one at breakfast! 

Boudin Sausage

Pork seasonings, spices, broth, rice, red pepper, garlic, onion and Cajun seasonings. Another awesome French,  Creole sausage flavor. Makes you Happy, Happy, Happy!! Hickory Smoked – Reheating required.

Buffalo Bleu Cheese Bratwurst

Like hot wings? Then you’ll like our version in a bratwurst! The buffalo bleu cheese bratwurst is made with pork, bleu cheese, milk, Frank’s Red Hot sauce and other spices. Hickory-smoked and ready for tailgating! Reheating required.

Caramelized Pear & Gorgonzola Bratwurst

Definitely a crowd favorite!! A bratwurst with a great balance of flavors; sweet, caramelized pears with slightly, salty Gorgonzola cheese, milk, wheat and then hickory smoked. A perfect combination! Reheating required.

Cheddar Pepper Bratwurst

Our Cheddar Pepper bratwurst is a balanced blend of cheddar cheese and cracked black pepper. Giving your taste buds a punch of gooey-cheese and spice. Reheating required.


A hickory-smoked bratwurst made with lean pork, cheddar cheese, milk and a special blend of seasonings and spices. The perfect brat to grill up for a busy weeknight dinner, just add buns and mustard. Reheating required.

Chili-Cheese Bratwurst

A unique blend of pork, chili seasonings, onions, paprika, milk and cheddar cheese. The chili cheese bratwurst is hickory-smoked and fully cooked making it the perfect sausage to grill while you’re tailgating! Reheating required.


Germanic, European-style Currywurst is fully cooked, hickory smoked with an added curry sauce. Great as a sandwich or as a main entree. Traditionally sold in Germany as a street vendor food. Reheating required.

Jalapeno Bacon Bratwurst

Where’s our spicy people at? Our jalapeno bacon bratwurst is made with dried-jalapenos and our Grand Champion Hickory Smoked bacon to create a complimentary blend of spice and bacon flavor.

Jalapeno & Cheddar Bratwurst

Packed with flavor, cheese and a little kick! Made from premium pork, seasonings, spices, added jalapenos, milk and cheddar cheese! A little heat and a lotta cheese! Grill and slice on pizza, tacos, nachos and salads!

Jalapeno & Peach Bratwurst

The jalapeno and peach bratwurst is made with lean pork, seasoning, spices, brown sugar, and then we’ve kicked it up a notch by adding fresh peaches for some sweetness and jalapenos for a little heat. Excellent served right off the grill! Reheating required.

Jambalaya-Style Bratwurst

A sausage with a Cajun kick. This brat has ham, long grained rice, tomatoes, onion, green bell pepper, celery and garlic. “Let the good times roll!!” Hickory smoked – Reheating required.

Kielbasa - Signature Hickory-Smoked

Our signature hickory-smoked kielbasa is made with an exclusive blend of pork, seasonings, spices, milk, soy and then slow-smoked to perfection. Kielbasa is great served with potato pancakes and sauerkraut. Reheating required.


Knackwurst is an old-world, European-style sausage that is made with fresh pork, veal, seasonings, spices, garlic and then hickory-smoked. Great served with potato soup, red cabbage or on a bun with sauerkraut. Reheating required.

Macaroni & Cheese Bratwurst

What’s not to like about Mac & Cheese with added bratwurst. Kids Love It!!! Made with added macaroni noodles, milk, wheat and cheddar cheese. Hickory smoked and fully cooked. Reheating required.

Mango Chipotle Bratwurst

This exciting, tasty bratwurst is fully cooked, and hickory smoked, no cooking required, warm to the touch and it is  done. A combination of mangoes, chipotle spice and jalapenos really create a wonderful taste sensation. Reheating  required.

Mango Habanero Bratwurst

Sweet and spicy with a little kick! Made with pork and seasoned with dried mango, Habanero pepper, garlic powder, onion powder, Thyme, black pepper, spices and hickory smoked to perfection. Great with a Wurstmeister  Wheat beer. Reheating required.  


A Germanic-European style sausage that is fully cooked and hickory-smoked. This sausage is made with a delicate  mix of pork, seasonings, spices, mustard seeds and best served with red cabbage, potato soup or served on a  Brioche bun with sauerkraut. Reheating required. 

Mushroom and Swiss Bratwurst

The mushroom and Swiss bratwurst is a fresh sausage that is made with a delicate mix of pork, seasoning, spices, mushrooms, Swiss cheese, milk and soy. One of our more popular brats; perfect served hot off the grill with a cold bottle of beer. Reheating required.

Pepper Jack Bratwurst

Bratwurst with a kick! Our pepper jack bratwursts are made with an exclusive combination of pork, seasonings, spices, milk and then we’ve added spicy pepper jack cheese for a little heat and then hickory smoked. The perfect brat to try in fajitas! Reheating required.

Philly-Style Bratwurst

A Philly cheesesteak in a bratwurst! Our Philly-style brat has peppers, onions, Swiss cheese, milk, Philly seasonings, and is mixed together with fresh pork and then smoked. Pairs perfectly with a cold Tin Mill beer! Reheating required.

Pineapple & Bacon Bratwurst

A unique bratwurst made with pork, seasonings, spices, added Grand Champion House Bacon, added pineapple and brown sugar. Slice and add to pizza or salads. Fully cooked, hickory smoked. Just heat and serve.

Reuben-Style Bratwurst

A Reuben sandwich in a bratwurst! Our fully cooked, Reuben-style bratwurst is made with freshly ground pork, Swiss cheese, Thousand Island dressing, sauerkraut, caraway seeds, and milk. Great served with a Tin Mill beer. Reheating required.

Taco-Flavored Bratwurst

Our taco-flavored bratwurst is packed full of south of the border zest; flavored with taco seasoning, pepper jack cheese, milk, peppers and onions. These brats are hickory-smoked and fully cooked, perfect for a quick dinner or throw on the grill during tailgating season. Reheating required.

Uncooked Sausage and Bratwurst

Fresh Bratwurst – Cooking Required

Alfredo-Flavored Chicken Bratwurst

For all you chicken lovers – this brat is for you!! Our specialty, alfredo-flavored chicken bratwurst is made with  fresh chicken breast, alfredo seasonings, mozzarella cheese, milk, garlic cloves, parsley, butter and heavy cream.  Enjoy with fresh pasta and a glass of white wine. Cooking required.  

Apple Maple Chicken Sausage

Made from fresh, never frozen, boneless, skinless, chicken thigh meat, with added seasonings, spices, added apples, maple syrup and dates. Great on the grill, cooking is required.

Beer-Flavored Bratwurst

Our beer-flavored bratwurst is made with beer-flavoring, making it kid-friendly! Made with malted barley, hops, yeast characteristics and maltose. This brat is great served on a bun with fresh sauerkraut and spicy brown mustard. Cooking required.

Bleu Cheese Bratwurst

Bleu cheese lovers will be on “cloud 9” with this bratwurst. Made with a blend of lean pork, seasonings, natural bleu cheese, milk, and a touch of onion and garlic. Best enjoyed with a glass of Adam Puchta Winery’s Hunter’s Red. Cooking required.


Traditionally a springtime sausage, made during the Easter season, however we try to keep it stocked year-round. Bockwurst is made with a delicate blend of pork, veal, seasoning, fresh chives, parsley and packaged in an all natural lamb casing. Cooking required.

Brat with Kraut

Bratwurst with sauerkraut – all together in one brat! Made with a unique combination of pork, seasonings and spices along with fresh sauerkraut; perfect served on a bun with spicy-brown mustard. Cooking required.

Cherry Bratwurst

The cherry bratwurst has a delicate sweet flavor that is not overwhelming but enhances the flavor of the brat. It’s made with an exclusive blend of pork, tart cherries, cherry juice, seasonings and spices. Cooking required.

Chipotle-Ranch Bratwurst

A unique blend of pork, Chipotle peppers, jalapeno peppers, ranch seasoning, dill, parsley, thyme, a special blend of spices, and milk. This fresh bratwurst has a slight kick to it, perfect for summertime or when you are longing for summertime. Cooking required.

Feta Cheese & Spinach Chicken Bratwurst

Opa!! A classic Greek combination — Feta cheese and spinach are blended with fresh, lean chicken breast, other  seasonings, spices, milk, olive oil and lemon to create this special bratwurst! Great served with on pita bread with  fresh peppers and onions. Cooking required. 

Garlic & Butter Bratwurst

A wonderful combination — garlic and butter. This fresh bratwurst is made with pork, seasoning, spices, garlic,  butter and milk. Excellent served on a bun with sauerkraut and a glass of an award-winning Missouri white wine.  Cooking required. 

Garlic & Butter Chicken Bratwurst

Attention garlic lovers — this chicken bratwurst is for you!!! Created with a blend of fresh garlic, chicken breast  meat, natural butter flavoring, milk and other seasonings and spices. Great served with a chilled glass of  Chardonnay. Cooking required.

German-Style Bratwurst

Prost!!! Enjoy the German-style bratwurst with a local Tin Mill beer. This bratwurst is a mild sausage made with  fresh pork seasoned with salt, pepper, and garlic. Perfect topped with sauerkraut on a bun! Cooking required. 

Habanero Bratwurst

Looking for a bratwurst with a spicy kick? Our habanero bratwurst has the spice you are looking for, but not too  hot to enjoy the quality of this all pork sausage. Made with seasonings, spices, onion, garlic, and habanero  peppers. Best paired with a semi-sweet white wine. Cooking required. 

Hawaiian-Style Bratwurst

Aloha!! The Hawaiian-style bratwurst is mild with just a hint of sweetness from the added pineapple and brown  sugar. Try this brat, grilled, served on a bun and topped with fresh pineapple salsa. Cooking required. 

Italian-Style Bratwurst

A fresh bratwurst made with pork, Italian seasonings and spices, fennel, and garlic. Excellent served on a bun with sautéed bell peppers and onions alongside a glass of an award-winning Missouri wine. Cooking required.

Jalapeno Bratwurst

A fresh bratwurst made with pork, seasonings, spices and jalapeno peppers. The jalapeno bratwurst is superb served on a bun with sautéed peppers and onions and melted provolone cheese. Cooking required.

Maple-Blueberry Sausage

Our Maple-Blueberry sausage is made with a special blend of pork, blueberries, maple syrup, and seasonings, including red pepper, sage and black pepper. We stuff our Maple-Blueberry sausage into a convenient breakfast sausage size casing making it the perfect size to serve alongside pancakes or a hearty egg omelet. Cooking required.

Maple Breakfast Sausage

Made with pork, breakfast seasoning, and added maple syrup, red pepper, sage and black pepper. Enjoy with pancakes, waffles or French toast for a breakfast of champions. Fresh sausage, cooking required.

Mexican-Style Chorizo

A medium spiced sausage made with a delicate mix of pork, seasonings, spices, paprika, red pepper, garlic and black pepper. Perfect served fresh off the grill with a cold bottle beer! Cooking required.

Munich-Style Bratwurst

The Munich-style bratwurst is a fresh sausage that is made with a delicate mix of pork, seasoning, spices, parsley and a touch of lemon. This sausage was developed and made popular in Munich, Germany. Cooking required.

Nuremberg Bratwurst

Most Americans refer to a bratwurst as a specific kind of sausage, in Europe, the bratwurst means the style of preparation. Our Nuremberg brat recipe originates from the Nuremberg region of Germany, with lemon, mace and nutmeg, perfect on a bun with sauerkraut.

Roasted Garlic & Onion Bratwurst

A bratwurst with a burst of roasted garlic and onion flavors. The roasted garlic and onion bratwurst is made with an exclusive mixture of pork, seasonings, spices, garlic, onion and milk; best enjoyed cooked in beer and then grilled. Cooking required.

Southwest-Chipotle Bratwurst

A unique blend of pork, bell peppers, Chipotle peppers, southwest-style seasonings and spices. This fresh bratwurst has a slight kick to it, perfect for summertime or when you are longing for summertime. Cooking required.

Sun-Dried Tomato & Basil Bratwurst

The sun-dried tomato and basil bratwurst is full of flavor with the perfect balance of pork, seasoning, spices, garlic, peppers, green onion, basil, sun-dried tomatoes, soy and milk. These brats are the perfect accompaniment to fresh pasta with a red sauce and a glass of Hermann red wine. Cooking required.

Supreme Italian Pizza Bratwurst

A bratwurst for pizza lovers! Everything about a supreme pizza without the crust. Our supreme Italian pizza bratwurst is made with a blend of fresh pork, Italian seasonings, red and green bell peppers, Mozzarella, Parmesan cheese, marinara, tomatoes, onions, oregano, and milk. Excellent served hot off the grill or sliced on homemade pizza. Cooking required.

Sweet Italian Bratwurst

The sweet Italian bratwurst is a fresh bratwurst made with pork, Italian seasonings, spices, thyme, fennel seed, sugar, garlic powder, and onion powder. Excellent served with fresh pasta and red sauce with a glass of an award winning Missouri wine. Cooking required.


A traditional Bavarian sausage made from a mixture of lean pork, veal, parsley, lemon, onions, ginger and an exclusive blend of seasonings and spices. Weisswurst translates to white sausage in English and is perfect paired with a soft pretzel and a cold beer. Cooking required.

Wurst Haus Bratwurst

The Wurst Haus is our signature bratwurst; made with a blend of pork, seasonings, spices and a hint of onion and garlic. For the perfect lunch, serve on marble-rye bread with sauerkraut and a glass of award-winning Missouri wine! Cooking required.

Wurst Haus Breakfast Sausage

Our traditional breakfast pork sausage is made in 2 oz. links and is a great addition to your favorite breakfast or used for an awesome sausage sandwich. Just add mustard!