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April Brat of the Month Special! 

The Brat of the Month Special includes one package of 5 bratwurst flavors (each package contains 4 links, except the Currywurst which contains 3 links plus sauce) for $48.50 plus shipping. 

Bratwursts flavors included in the bundle:

Beer & Cheddar – A hickory-smoked bratwurst made with pork, seasoning, spices, in-house brewed, German-Style beer, pork seasoning and cheddar cheese. Wurstmeister Mike’s 3 favorite things are bratwurst, beer and cheese — definitely one of his favorites: the perfect meal. Reheating required.

Kielbassa – Our signature hickory-smoked kielbasa is made with an exclusive blend of pork, seasonings, spices, and soy, and then slow-smoked to perfection. Kielbasa is great served with potato pancakes and sauerkraut. Reheating required.

Mettwurst – A Germanic-European style sausage that is fully cooked and hickory-smoked. This sausage is made with a delicate mix of pork, seasonings, spices, and mustard seeds. Best served with red cabbage, potato soup or served on a Brioche bun with sauerkraut. Reheating required.

Knackwurst – Knackwurst is an old-world, European-style sausage that is made with fresh pork, veal, seasonings, spices, garlic, and then hickory-smoked. Great served with potato soup, red cabbage or on a bun with sauerkraut. Reheating required.

Philly-style – A Philly cheesesteak in a bratwurst! Our Philly-style brat has peppers, onions, Swiss cheese, Philly seasonings, pork seasonings, and is mixed with fresh pork and then smoked. Pairs perfectly with a cold Wurst Haus beer! Reheating required.

Offer is good all month. Call 573-415-8330 to place an order or order online.

Enjoy our finest bratwurst and sausages! 



  • Weight: 5.6 lb
  • Width: 12 in
  • Depth: 6.3 in
  • Height: 10 in

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