Wurst Pride of Missouri Gift Box



Product Description

The Wurst Pride of Missouri Gift Box contains our Pride and soon to be your Joy! 

Includes 3 Germanic/European, old world, naturally aged, natural casing summer sausages. Hickory cold smoked, then aged for 39 days to acheive the desired flavor, just like our ancestors did. They would make this during the winter months when it was cold because remember, they had no electricity or lights. Then they would dry age it in the Smokehouse till summer, hence the name “Summer Sausage!”

Also included 2 packages of locally made Missouri cheese.

Order for family, friends, in-laws, and out laws! But don’t forget to order one for yourself! It’s that GOOD!

Wurst Pride of Missouri Gift Box – $85.00 plus shipping


  • Weight: 4 lb

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