What Are Your Plans for Christmas Dinner?

Be sure to stop by the Hermann Wurst Haus and check out our holiday specials for your Christmas dinner:

Bone in or Boneless Pork Prime Rib, cut to order (pre-cooked or raw) – $10.99/lb.
Pork Crown Roast – $4.29/lb.
  • Pork Loin Chops – #3.99/lb.
  • Pork Loin Roast – $3.29/lb.
  • Smoked Turkey – whole or pre-sliced
  • Christmas Blood Sausage and Raw Hack 
  • Pit Smoked, Dry Rubbed Brisket
  • Cherry, Hickory and Black Forest Boneless Hams 
  • Cocktail Smokies and Ham Hocks for Beans
  • Old Fashioned, Naturally aged Summer Sausage 
  • Beef, Bison, Elk and Venison Summer Sausage

Call 573-486-2266 to order or stop by! We are closed Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve.

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