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2023 Fall Pork Sale

Pork Chops

Our 2023 Fall Pork whole or half sale features pork harvested from local Missouri farmers. (Not from China-owned companies or anywhere else).

The average dress weight of a half-pig is approximately 130 pounds. The average dress weight of a whole pig is approximately 260 pounds. The cost is per pound on the dress weight of the half or whole pig. The cost does include the cost of the meat, the cutting, vacuum packaging, freezing, smoking of the bacon/ham if you wish to do so, and sausage making. The steaks, roast, chops, ribs, bacon, sausage, and hams will be packaged according to your requests for your family-size meals. All this is done by our experienced butchers for you at $2.89 per pound dress on a whole pig order or $2.99 per pound on a half pig order. No other add-on costs are involved.

You get local quality pork from local farmers, and local butchers, for local folks! When you buy meat products from a grocery store it is not locally raised, and you are buying parts from many, many, harvested animals all in the same package where different parts come from different animals and are not the same quality ever! Keep this in mind when you wish to feed your family! Now is a good time to fill that freezer if you have one. If not, now is a good time to buy a freezer for long-term storage of your family’s food needs.

A $75.00 non-refundable deposit is required at the time of order. Orders are completed first in, first out, process. Approximate wait time 2-4 weeks. Call 573-486-2266 or 636-221-9437 to place orders or ask questions to the butcher.