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Easter Ham and Bacon Bundle

Sliced Ham on a plate

Why is ham so popular for Easter dinners?

In the early days, pigs were slaughtered in the fall. Since there wasn’t refrigeration, the fresh pork that wasn’t eaten during the cold winter months, was cured before Lent for the spring. So, ham was the obvious choice for the Easter meal.

Our Easter Ham and Bacon Bundle includes:

  • 1 – Black Forest Ham, 4-5 lb average
  • 2 – 12 oz. packages Bourbon Barrel Smoked Bacon

Our Sugar Cured, Hickory Smoked, Black Forest Boneless Hams are perfect for Easter celebrations. These lean, boneless, beautiful, flavorful, Black Forest Hams are only available for special occasions like now, with your family, friends, and your neighbors! 

They average about 4-5 lbs, feed 10-15 people, just reheat, warm to the touch. No cooking required. The Black Forest glaze adds a nice color and great flavor. Just heat in the oven on low heat, about 200 degrees till warm to the touch. 

Our newest bacon flavor, Bourbon Barrel Smoked Bacon is sugar cured with our Grand Champion sugar cure, then marinated with our Bourbon flavored marinade and then Bourbon barrel smoked, low and slow with bourbon barrel wood. Outstanding flavor and even better aroma. 

Easter Ham & Bacon Bundle special price just $40.00 plus shipping. Order Now! Call 573-486-2266 or order online here.