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Fulton Wurst Haus Will Soon Be A Missouri State-Inspected Meat Processing Plant

Custom Processing

The Fulton Wurst Haus & Butchery is in the final and last phase of being accepted as a Missouri State-inspected Meat Processing facility. What this means is that farmers, ranchers, and hobby farmers who raise livestock and want to sell retail cuts to farmer’s markets, on-the-farm markets, online markets, store markets, or across-the-fence markets can now have their livestock harvested at The Fulton Wurst Haus for resell.

We have always had custom status where we harvest animals for you to sell whole, half, and quarters, of beef and pork to family, friends, neighbors, in-laws, or out-laws. The packages under that system must be labeled as Not For Sale, which is still available. Under that system, the end consumer pays for the processing and they pay for the beef/pork to the farmer friend. The meat products can not be sold to others.

The new, additional method allows each package to have the mark of inspection on each package. This opens up new streams of income for those folks who want to sell their livestock as packaged beef or pork. We can also label the packages with your farm name, company name, or John Henry Meat Co., or whatever you would like after approval from USDA Meat and Poultry officials for labeling.

If this is something you would be interested in give Wurstmeister Mike an email request to set up a meeting appointment to discuss further details.