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Beef and Pork Processing Dates Available

Steaks for the grill

Fulton Wurst Haus & Butchery has processing dates available for your harvest and custom processing needs for beef and pork.

We offer custom processing services for individuals, farmers and ranchers in the surrounding areas who bring their livestock to us. We have the necessary resources to accommodate whole, halves, or quarters of beef as well as whole or half hogs from local farmers. Our team will process the beef and pork according to your specific requirements. Additionally, we take pride in sourcing locally raised-livestock for our clients.

Beef & Pork Processing Fees

Beef Kill Fee – $100.00 per head
Beef Processing Fee – $1.00/lb
21-Day Hang Fee – $1.50/lb
Beef Patties – $2.00/lb
Stew Meat – $1.00/lb
Kill & Chill Fee – $150.00

Pork Kill Fee – $75 per head
Pork Processing Fee – $1.00/lb
Curing – $1.50/lb
Pork Patties – $1.50/lb
Pork Brats – $2.50/lb
Kill & Chill Fee- $80

Processing cut sheets for beef and hogs are due when you drop off the animal or within 48 hours of drop off. Your customers can email us their processing cut sheets as well, at

Print Beef Processing Cut Sheet Form

Print Pork Processing Cut Sheet Form

After 48 hours, a standard processing cut sheet will be filled out and no changes can be made to that cut sheet once it is attached to the carcass.

We have implemented this new policy as it has become difficult to locate the sides of meat that do not have cut sheets once they are placed in the carcass cooler. Your cooperation and understanding regarding this matter are greatly appreciated.

Call Fulton Wurst Haus & Butchery to request beef or pork processing cut sheets, at 573-592-4886 or email at