Breakfast Sausage Bundle

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Hermann Wurst Haus Breakfast Sausage Bundle

Featuring 5 packages of our favorite bratwursts to serve for breakfast! Add a jumpstart to your morning meal with these popular flavors! All hickory-smoked and fully cooked so all you have to do is warm them up! 

Includes one package of each of the following flavors:

Bacon Cheddar Potato Bratwurst - A brat with cheddar cheese, hashbrowns and our Grand-Champion bacon.  A meal all by itself, with four of our favorite things all in one brat.  A breakfast casserole in a brat!  Hickory smoked - Reheating required.

Bloody Mary Bratwurst - This fully cooked, hickory smoked brat has added celery, tomato and horseradish for a little heat. Looks like a brat but tastes like a Bloody Mary. Try one at breakfast!

Apple-Maple Sausage - A sweeter variety of sausage; great for breakfast, especially with pancakes or French toast. For a lunch or dinner treat, try it on a Brioche bun with sauerkraut, cheddar cheese and apple butter. Reheating required.

Whiskey Peppercorn Bratwurst - Three of Wurstmeister Mike's favorite things; whiskey, peppercorn and bratwurst. The Wurstmeister discovered this one by accident when his favorite whiskey spilled onto his favorite bratwurst. Hickory smoked and fully cooked.

Pineapple & Bacon Bratwurst - A unique bratwurst made with pork, seasonings, spices, added Grand Champion House Bacon, added pineapple and brown sugar.  Slice and add to pizza or salads.  Fully cooked,  hickory smoked.  Just heat and serve.

Includes 20 Brats (5 packages of 4 brats)


Great price of $37.99 for the bundle!