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Jerky is the original fast food, slow cooked and hickory smoked for a great tasting treat.  Jerky is a beloved dried snack for campers, hunters and folks who just need a savory, healthy high protein snack.  Great for shipping to far away places or just across town.  Eat as a snack or in between meals, also a great gift giving idea for dad or kids. 

Wurstmeister Mike uses the highest quality 100% American beef and makes our jerky the old fashioned way, with that homemade jerky taste, savory and tender.  We think our jerky is the best beef jerky around!  Our jerky is vacuum packed in 3 oz. packages. 

Four savory, mouth-watering flavors available:

Hickory Smoked Sweet & Sassy - Our best selling jerky with added sweetness and a no attitude sassy flavor.

Smoked Peppered Beef Jerky - Same great flavor and workmanship as our hickory smoked jerky with a added black pepper rub.

Hickory Smoked Beef Jerky - Lean strips of beef top round, seasoned, delicately smoked and vacuum packaged for great shelf life.  Our #1 selling jerky!  Awesome flavor and award-winning.

BBQ Flavored Beef Jerky - One of Wurstmeister Mike's favorites, beef top round, seasoned and spiced with a hint of sweetness.  



What’s the difference between Jerky and Snack Sticks?

Jerky is made with whole muscle meat, spices and seasonings.  Snack sticks are made with ground meat, spices and seasonings and formed into a round stick that allows for easier soft chew.  Both are hickory smoked to add that smoky deliciousness.  Jerky will be much drier than snack sticks, but not tough at all.  In fact, when jerky is dried, you get more meat flavor, less water flavor.  Jerky was always a favorite of Native Americans.  After hunting venison, bison or elk, they would hang and dry the lean strips from the highest tree so the wild animals would not get it.   When the chief needed some jerky, he would send a brave to climb the tree and jerk down some meat, hence the name jerky.

If you want the ultimate treat, try our jerky with a Wurst Haus beer.  Wurstmeister Mike’s favorite match is Smoked Peppered Beef Jerky and a cold Wurst Haus Steamboat Smoked Ale.  That’s how he likes to end a long day at the Wurst Haus, kicking back with a Wurst Beer and a package of the best beef jerky. 

You could try to make homemade jerky at home but why bother when we can make it for you.  And we have three awesome flavors. 

Jerky is great for long road trips, camping, hunting and anytime you need a satisfying savory snack.  Order a package of each flavor and keep one in your car, pantry and desk drawer. 


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